Air quality management solution in medical institutions and clinics.

According to the statistics,  80% of our times are with indoor activities, indoor air quality seriously affects our life and health. Hospitals, medical institutions and clinics at any time, indoor airs are filled with all kinds of unwelcomed particles, air circulation and purification is always a major issue.

Air Mentor is the industry's leading indoor air quality monitor, via an integration solution with e-sun, a well known medical level air purifier in Taiwan, Air Mentor sends out instructions to the purifier when it senses a bad air quality is happening. The 6-in-1 sensor design, gives Air Mentor a complete capability to instruct the air purifier to clean all unpleasant smell, PM10 and PM2.5 particles. With our smart control integration design, one e-sun purifier can talk to multiple Air Mentors at the same time, to clean every corner in the hospital or clinics, to highly reduce the cross infection probability.