Air Mentor Plus deployment in general office environment

Air quality in the office deeply affects the quality of the company's achievements and results. Researches have approved CO2 level too high will slow down creativities, long term TVOC pollutants will cause employees health issues, under an air circulation not good and a low humidity environment, flu bacteria is easily diffused. 

A long term reliable monitor and control system, is the best way to keep air quality in a good condition. 

Let's use this 60 ping (~2000ft2  or 200m2 )office as an example, we have installed Air Mentor in every single room (meeting room, lab, working space…), around every 10 ping (~330ft2  or 33m2 ) with one Air Mentor, from the air travel map, we can observe the air quality change all the time. Due to the building air circulation design, the major pollutant is from outdoor PM10 & PM2.5, so we installed air purifier in the major affected area. Via the interactivity between Air Mentor and air purifier, to clean the pollutant efficiently and, to create a pleasant working space.